The Ultimate New York City Pet-Friendly Travel Guide

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I was raised in an entrepreneurial family in Slovakia, and after graduating from the university, I left
home to work for an international company in Prague. I spent 11 amazing years in the corporate
environment in the Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovakia.

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It was a dynamic time during which I managed projects with multi-million budgets, led hundreds of people
in logistics, travelled around the world, and encountered different management styles from colleagues
who inspired me on daily basis to become a better leader.

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Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky to learn from the best in the business. I’ve also had the chance
to take part in numerous leadership training programs at some pretty top-notch places. These experiences
fed my hunger for personal growth and gave me solid, practical knowledge. I learned the ins and outs of
effective people management, how to make workplace relationships better, and even how to improve the
daily life of those in charge of people and processes. It’s been quite the journey, and I’m eager to
share what I’ve learned with you!

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