Leadership and culture practically

Since 2016 she has been advising clients on setting business strategies, ​​increasing personal efficiency, developing leadership skills, and building a healthy team culture. Prior to that, she worked for 11 years in various corporate project and leadership positions, which constantly confirmed to her that any team can handle any project when people are motivated to collaborate and are led by leaders whom they can trust.

Today, she works with leaders of all generations and together they focus on building a healthy company culture, developing resilient leaders, increasing employee engagement, and thus delivering better business results. She has front-line experience in managing teams with more than 400 employees and occasionally works as a crisis manager.

During this collaboration, clients can benefit in addition to her 20 years of experience also from the latest knowledge in business theory, psychology, Barrett’s method, and best market practices.




Discipline gets you started, purpose keeps you going.



Knowing something doesn’t change your life.

Doing something does. 


“If you are looking for a person who will ask you how you feel about yourself on a scale of 1-10 and discuss it, look further. Vladi has a very practical combination of knowledge and skills.  You can discuss with her complicated business Excel sheets and at the same time she will point out where your emotions are missing. During our cooperation, I appreciate a lot her proactive and inspiring approach. Also, the ability to clearly name things and the fact that to work with Vladi feels very natural.”

“Vladimira is one of the most charismatic leaders I have ever worked with. She is loaded with genuine positive energy combined with high professionalism.”

“Vladi immediately understood what is important in our family business and what we need to focus on. I thought that coaching with her would be only strictly focused on business strategies, but to my surprise, she also helped me to discover much more important issues. Like my personal self-sabotage, family values ​​and principles I want to be my life lived by. It helped me to restart my life and see also my business from different perspectives. I am extremely glad that she helped me to find orientation not only in my business but also within myself, which I was completely overlooking. Vladi masters the art of numbers as well as the art of psychology, which she explains in a very natural and human way.”

” As a starting entrepreneur, I cannot stress enough how much I’ve appreciated Vladimira’s guidance based on her vast experience and skillset. Thanks to her well-aimed questions and inputs, we’ve managed to identify strengths and weaknesses I had previously no idea about, and opportunities in areas where I had seen none before. Whether you’re looking to improve your performance or get clarity on any issue, Vladimira’s business coaching will lead you to specific steps you can take to get further, which is why I warmly recommend her!”

“To call Vladi a coach, a mentor, or a consultant means to put her somewhere in the grey zone. And it doesn’t fit. In the first place, Vladi is a great partner for any business discussion. She has the ability to move me forward whenever I am stuck or standing at the important crossroad. She does it practically, energetically and her advice is coming out of her own rich experiences. She doesn’t ask me any dull or artificial coaching questions. She guides every consultation with intuition and great passion.  And in the end, she describes the situation as it is, and I get what I need the most – practical answers that move me further.”

“Every company is made up of people who work there. How to show them their own potential, how to help them to improve their skills and naturally move forward are the questions of each HR manager. Vladi, like an experienced coach, helped us to see many common things in the company from a different perspective. She prepares inspiring tailor-made workshops and each of our meetings has a real output, a solved problem, or a new idea of ​​how to do things better. I like her sentence: “A healthy and prosperous company does not have groups of employees, but effective teams” and I made it my own.”

“I recommend Vladi as a business coach to any CEO who wants to bring his leadership to a more professional level. Thanks to her rich experience we have successfully stabilized our team and defined sustainable goals for our family business, so it is prepared for further healthy growth.”

“Vladi has the gift of listening and connecting the seemingly unconnected. She is never losing time and goes right to the point of the matter. The result is a clear story and clear call to actions that move a man and his business forward. A consistent follow up is just a cherry on the cake.”

“Vladimira is an inspiring professional who can help your organization to acknowledge existing leadership culture and move to the next level in terms of establishing values for sustainable growth and development. As a person, Vladimira is empathetic, thoughtful and goal-oriented enabling her to successfully facilitate workshops in finding solutions for organizational development.”

“The key to the success of a multinational company like JLL is to be clear about what we believe in. Globally and locally. For effective identification and practical discussion of company values ​​in our teams in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we approached Vladimíra for professional help. For both countries, we tested the values ​​according to the Barrett analytics and analysed the outcomes in both leadership teams. The result was a detailed action plan, which we are step by step implementing.  Vladimíra is an expert in her field, the proactive and efficient professional with foresight and special human approach.”

“Working for a company with a very specific culture, I once found myself questioning my ability to contribute and utilize my full potential. Already the first session with Vladi helped me to get things into perspective, connect and group my concerns into approachable chunks and define next steps with a focus on balance, rather than localized perfectionism. I’ve known Vladi as an outstanding manager and mentor for quite some time and I always recommend her coaching to people I care about if they want to get clarity about their professional or life’s direction.”

“I had the privilege to work with Vladi for a certain period of my career. The common goal that we had together was to achieve a business transformation of a sales department and to implement new ways of working. Thanks to her rich experiences from the corporate environment and astonishing professionalism, we have achieved significant business results. Vladi is a strong leader and capable manager, but what stands out the most, is her ability to help people to unlock their potential and find out their true-life expectations.”