“There is never enough time to do everything that a CEO is responsible for.”

As a CEO at a fast-growth business, you are starting to lose control over what is happening in your company. You’ve got too many things on your plate. And there is not enough time to finish on time all the important tasks scheduled in your smartphone.

You know to continue this growth you need to spend more time on strategy and less on daily execution. Because you have competitors watching your back, you need to move fast. And you know so much depends on your experienced decisions and in-time reactions. If you could get only a business partner on demand and chat about:

  • A new hire in marketing team you plan to do.
  • Your presentation deck for the meeting you want to show your team. To make them clear next quarter’s priorities and their responsibilities.
  • The right tasks to delegate to your assistant.
  • Your worries about postponing and not getting important projects done.
  • Letting somebody go from your team and to keep it human.
  • Your new business vision and how to achieve it faster.
  • Holding you accountable for things you want to accomplish.

The more your revenue grows, the bigger your job gets. It has been already a long time when you sat alone at home and dreamed about being your own boss. Since then you have acquired a lot of experience with a lot of trials and errors. You have built around yourself a team – with both internal and external colleagues.

You wish you have more hands and brains to help you to go even further as you have gone so far. Getting done all the things you want to do you would need 5-6 hours a day more. Plus working on weekends.

“You wish that running a company was as glamorous as your website or Facebook makes it look. But it’s not.”

Despite you are a CEO, you feel accountable for ALL the work of your organization. Signing off the paychecks for your employees or to call the helpdesk if the email line crashes. Instead of sitting in board rooms and only making strategic decisions, CEOs of small and medium-sized companies do 99 other things every day. Such as:

Approving purchases

When you need toilet bowl cleaner for the office restroom, printer paper, a new air conditioner, cupcakes for a team member’s birthday or items for a giveaway to customers.


You pull a report from your automatic clock-in system and transfer that information for each team member into an excel sheet that details salary, how many hours they’ve worked this pay period, if they achieved their monthly sales goals and how much they are owed. People have to get paid.

Resolving technical issues

Like most small businesses you don’t have a tech or IT team like a big company would. So, when a team member says they aren’t getting their emails, the internet is running slow, or their emails are going to spam, that’s when you have to jump in and deal.


At a small business, you typically don’t have an HR team. It takes time to go through the resumes, do the screenings, have the in-person interviews, and ultimately make the hire.


Along with hiring a team comes overseeing and managing them. It’s crucial to try to give new team members the support they need and to continue to devote time and energy to long-standing team members. Everyone wants to know their work is being valued and taken seriously and it’s your job to do that for them.


Some small businesses have a finance department, some do not. So you have to handle the outgoing and incoming invoices for the business. When a client owes money and is not responding to your employee's messages, you have to make that call.

Customer complaints

Although it is not possible that your company will be delivering products or services in 100% quality, you want to investigate why a customer returned goods or complains about your services. Or writes a negative review on your Facebook page.

Switching off the lights

You know it is not your job and you pay people to do so. But when the trashcan overflows in the kitchen, are you passing by or sorting it out? How often before leaving the office you walk through the whole floor to make sure the lights are off?

When you pause for a moment and think about it, the actual problem is this:

Your role is to work more on strategy and not in execution.

If your business should further grow, you need to surround yourself with people who are in some areas clever than you are. Who have done certain things you have not done before. Because your time and brainpower are better spent on what you know the best and where your business talent shines. And not by reading business or self-help books and trying to figure it all on your own. Don’t get me wrong. I love books. And I read around 30 per year. But books or podcasts are too passive, and they miss an important business value – an opened dialogue on eye level. And all the important decisions you make by discussing them, challenging your beliefs and point of view and seeing things also from somebody’s else perspective.

“Owning a business is a personal responsibility.”

If something goes wrong with a customer or your product or service, 9 times out of 10 it’s personal. Because you have personally spent weeks, months, or sometimes years pitching those clients on how amazing your brand is. When something not-so-amazing happens, sure, you could say it’s “just business”. But it always feels personal and with that comes a lot of CEO’s guilt, stress, and anxiety.

Running a company is not a 9 to 5 job.

Sometimes when I meet young women, they say they want my job. They want to be “their own boss.” As cool as it may sound (and as cool as it can sometimes be!), being your own boss isn’t always what they think it is. There are times when you wish:

  • Somebody else fires that low-performing employee.
  • You are more confident when standing in the middle of the meeting room announcing shorter lunch breaks.
  • You have better data to make that decision about a new product or service launch.
  • You have more marketing budget for social media, instead of relying on your young sales team.

The end of the typical workday marks the halfway point for many CEOs. After heading home for dinner and a bit of time with the family, you get back to your emails wondering if these night shifts are ever going to end.

Of course, you like what you do!

It was your free will to become an entrepreneur.

Nobody has forced you.

You used to work hard to get where you are now.

It was not easy and only you know the price.

But after all those years you become frustrated to go it alone.

And in search for help, you have most probably already tried at least one of the following solutions:


You have tried to learn all the missing skills by yourself.

You have plenty of business books, you attended leadership workshops and conferences. But when you arrived the next day to your office, you got overwhelmed. With operational tasks and you delayed to work on the cool thing you read in the book or saw the other business owner does.


You have tried to hire a manager or specialist.

Somebody experienced enough to help you to grow your company and make it more professional. You agreed with this person on the salary almost matching your regular income and had huge expectations. After some time, you realized he or she is not the right fit for your company. It didn’t work out.


You have already tried to bring a consultant or coach on board, but the results have been dissapointing.

They had a lot of knowledge, but they didn’t have a business mindset. They tried to sell you costly business solutions, which work (and sometimes don’t) in bigger companies. They didn’t listen well.

So I get it. You are skeptical about hiring “just another consultant or coach”. Many of my clients have been to. And here is what a client says now:

“To call Vladi a coach, a mentor or a consultant means to put her somewhere in the gray zone. And it doesn’t fit. In the first place, Vladi is a great partner for any business discussion. She doesn’t ask me any dull or artificial coaching questions. She has the ability to move me forward whenever I am stuck or standing at the important crossroad. She guides every consultation with intuition and great passion.” Tomáš, CEO

Imagine you have a senior business partner on demand whenever you need her. Somebody understanding the freedom to be an entrepreneur but knowing also the hardship. Somebody with 15 years of world-class business and leadership experience. But staying grounded and practical. A good listener. To your thoughts, doubts and business plans. A professional holding you accountable for your deadlines. But understanding also the human mind and knowing we don’t live in the perfect world.

“Because the work never actually stops, it’s up to the CEO to stop it and get help.”

One of the biggest struggles of business owners and entrepreneurs is: creating healthy work boundaries. And to be honest, sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t. There is always some extra work you need to do. And nobody will do it so well as only you could.

But alone you can go only so far. To go further in business, you need a team and business, which is not depending only on yourself.

There is a reason why most freelancers never turn to real entrepreneurs. They start sweating when thinking of managing people, and even if they are good in their profession, they soon hit their limits.

The day has only 24 hours for everybody. But if you want to break the ceiling (whatever it means for you), you need to learn how to engage and manage people around you.

And this can be learned with a business coach.

Introducing Business Coaching with Vladi:

Hire the second most valuable person for your company (after you), who doesn’t show up on your payroll.

Business Coaching is the proven way for busy CEOs like you to get on-demand help from an experienced leader and business owner. All when you need it most without paying for solutions that don’t work in your business.

You will work with Vladimíra in person. Vladimíra Neuschlová is a management leadership consultant and certified coach. She has 15 years of professional experience. She supports CEOs and leaders from different industries by helping them to strengthen their leadership skills, achieve their business goals faster and implement cultural changes in their companies. Results of this cooperation are often defined as transformative. They contribute to higher employees’ engagement, fewer conflicts in the workplace, higher customer satisfaction rate and better business results. Vladimíra can gain trust and build relationships in a very fast and authentic manner. Her charismatic and leadership presence enables her to unite people behind a common vision and make that vision a reality. Before starting her own consulting business in 2016, she worked in Accenture, Lekkerland, and Henkel in various locations throughout Europe. She spent the final years of her corporate career as Global Supply Chain Manager, leading 160 supply chain professionals across four continents. Since 2018 she works also as a certified Barrett Values Centre consultant. She is applying the wide offer of Cultural Transformation Tools. Vladimíra is an energetic person, passionate about leadership theories and business psychology. She loves traveling and nature.

⇒ Switch from doing it all yourself and get a business partner to talk about your agenda.

“Where and how CEOs are involved determines what gets done. It signals priorities.”

We won’t work together only on your business goals and milestones. We will also take your calendar and go item by item to review your meetings and business priorities.

When everything is a top priority, nothing is.

You need to learn how to delegate some operational tasks. You are the most expensive person in your company. So you shouldn’t be doing work what somebody for 10 euro/hour can do for you.

We will block off meaningful amounts of uninterrupted time when you will work alone.

This is the time when you will be making the most important decisions and work on strategy.

Once you have planned your strategy, you must ensure that the company’s strategy is being well executed. This will occur when the organization has efficient processes in place. Through these, work such as marketing plans, pricing, onboarding new employees, product development, and strategy development itself is done. Good processes bring together the best organizational knowledge. You can get control over your company’s processes, even if it is constantly growing its revenue.

It doesn’t mean that if a client is upset or an employee is leaving, you shouldn’t know about it. But you can have processes in place and people responsible to deal with it with only your little help. That is the amazing team you want to build around you. Knowledgeable and independent, to handle everyday situations and continuously improving their work. You can build a reliable team around you, which is helping you, instead of being a burden.

⇒ I will be part of your team, but only when it feels right. Professionally and financially.

“Studies show that CEOs spend only 3% of their time with customers.“

This is clearly too low if you are responsible for defining the strategy of your company and executing the company’s growth. Customers are a key source of independent information about the company’s progress, industry trends, and competitors.

⇒ Working together you will find time for customers again.

And you will spend a reasonable amount of time to focus on the product or service your company sells. This usually entails thinking about ways you can improve, soliciting feedback from clients, and working with your best talents. You brainstorm, debate, and ultimately make the tough decisions necessary to be always ahead of your competitors.

What we will do together won’t only help you to evolve as a leader but will have multiple benefits also on your team.

It is the CEO’s job to champion the organization’s culture and constantly look for opportunities to strengthen it. Culture encompasses an organization’s values, beliefs, and norms. It is another key CEO lever for reinforcing the strategy and influencing how the organization as a whole goes about doing its work. CEOs can shape a company’s culture in many ways. From the time they spend talking about it in the meetings to living the valued behaviors during the lunch with the colleagues. Also, a CEO is somebody who can recognize, reward, and celebrate those who exemplify the desired culture. Not forgetting to take corrective action with those who don’t.

Since 2018 I am also a certified Barrett Values Centre consultant. This is an organization with more than 20 years of experience with values and company culture. More than 5 000 companies worldwide experienced the benefits of working with a senior culture consultant. Bringing the culture talk as the top priority on the CEOs agenda is a must. Together with the ROI, a company’s turnover or organizational growth.

⇒ Working together you will get the best leadership know-how available on the market.

“CEOs spend 36% of their time in a reactive mode, handling internal or external unfolding issues. Life happens …”

This means that at least one-third of your calendar should be free and kept for things happening on a daily basis. An employee decides to leave. An important customer is not happy with your last delivery. Your hard-working assistant has a birthday and you forgot to order flowers.

⇒ We will schedule a booked time for you for the unexpected.


When you think about it…

“It is not another costly employee what you need to continue your business growth…but an on-demand business coach who gets you!”

A cost to hire such a manager will be more than 100.000 euro each year. And ask yourself if you would have enough work to keep such person busy full-time all year around.

You don’t need a full-time manager.

You need an on-demand business coach.

But the Business Coaching with Vladi is only right for you if ALL of the following are true for you:

  • You are growing fast and have a profitable business.
  • You are not a freelancer but have internal employees and some external contractors on your paycheck.
  • You are able to control your ego and listen.
  • You don’t believe in some magic button to change your business problems into opportunities overnight.
  • You are prepared to talk openly and ready to co-build our trustful business relationship.

The whole idea behind Business Coaching with Vladi is to give you access to an experienced business partner on demand.

Here is how it works:

1) You think about the problem or part of your business you need help with.

2) You drop me an email on vladi@neuschlova.com shortly describing what your problem is.

3) I will send you a short questionnaire which won’t take you more than 15 minutes to fill in.

4) Once I see I can help you with your problem, I will schedule a FREE 30 minutes phone call with you to talk about your situation.

5) After our phone call, you will decide if you want to use my services.

6) If you decide to work with me, you can pick up one-month support or 3-months business coaching relationship.

7) We schedule our regular sessions in person or via video conference/Skype.

8) You can reach out anytime via email or phone in between our sessions. 

9) During the coaching programme you will be receiving also tips and reading recommendations. They will help you to become a better business leader.


Sounds good. But will it work also for me?

About 80% of my clients chose me because they got a recommendation from a trusted friend or business partner. If it works for them, it could work for you as well. We both have skin in the game because I will be happy if you recommend me later as well.

What people like you say about our cooperation:

“I recommend Vladi as a business coach to any  CEO who wants to bring his people management to a more professional level. Thanks to her rich experience we have successfully stabilized our team and defined sustainable goals for our family business, so it is prepared for further healthy growth.”  

Andrej (38)

“Vladimira is an inspiring professional who can help your organization to acknowledge existing leadership culture and move to the next level in terms of establishing values for sustainable growth and development. As a person, Vladimira is empathetic, thoughtful and goal-oriented enabling her to successfully facilitate workshops in finding solutions for organizational development.” 

Jukka (44)

“If you are looking for a person who will ask you how do you feel about yourself on a scale of 1-10 and discuss it, look further. Vladi has a very practical combination of knowledge and skills.  You can discuss with her complicated business Excel sheets and in the same time she will point out where your emotions are missing. During our cooperation I appreciate a lot her proactive and inspiring approach. Also the ability to clearly name things and the fact that to work with Vladi feels very natural.” 

Ladislav (38)

“Vladimira is one of the most charismatic leaders I have ever worked with. She is loaded with genuine positive energy combined with high professionalism, which always made her team and a wide range of stakeholders interested to work on, support and deliver the best results in every project.”  

Darina (38)

“Vladi has the gift of listening and connecting the seemingly unconnected. She is never losing time and goes right to the point of the matter. The result is a clear story and clear call to actions that move a man and his business forward. A consistent follow up is just a cherry on the cake.” 

Martin (36)

“Every company is made up of people who work there. How to show them their own potential, how to help them to improve their skills and naturally move forward are the questions of each HR manager. Vladi, like an experienced coach, helped us to see many common things in the company from a different perspective. She prepares inspiring tailor-made workshops and each of our meetings has a real output, a solved problem, or a new idea of how to do things better. I like her sentence: “A healthy and prosperous company does not have groups of employees, but effective teams” and I made it my own.” 

Anna (46)

“She quickly built credibility with the whole team through her quick apprehension and her hard work and commitment. She is very focussed, structured and is always willing to go the ‘extra mile’, while constantly being in a good temper.”  

Albrecht (43)

“She is capable to develop new ways and solutions in order to accomplish objectives. She considers all factors which may put an extra strain on before deadlines never accepting “half-baked” solutions.”  

Valter (49)

Shall we talk?

PS) A personal note: What I really don’t like in life is to build dependencies. Any dependences. There are some consultants, coaches, and therapists who build their business model on frequent and returning customers.

This is not my style and not what I value.

My business model is to help you to get through your most turbulent business period and get you better organized. To point your attention to priorities that matter and distract you from those who are holding you back. To help you to become a better leader. And then to let you go with new skills, insights, and techniques on how to achieve whatever you want to achieve without depending on anybody.

Because stronger you are and better you feel, you are a better leader. And you can positively impact other people you get in touch with. And the (business) world will be better placed. That’s my business mission.

That’s the satisfaction and meaning I get from my job.