Best leaders never stop learning. It is easy to grab a book or to read an article on LinkedIn. Showing up at the leadership conference or to attend a business workshop is already more challenging. It takes more time and costs you more money. But where it gets really difficult for any human being, is the time when you want to implement what you have learned. You can go on this journey alone, or you can work with a coach or an experienced mentor. One of the greatest myths about leadership is that it’s a solitary act. The most successful leaders are not lonely at the top. They get help and they regularly ask for it.


There is never enough time to do everything that a CEO is responsible for. As a CEO at a fast-growth business, you can easily lose control over what is happening in your company. You’ve got too many things on your plate. And there is not enough time to finish on time all the important tasks scheduled in your smartphone. You know to continue this growth you need to spend more time on strategy and less on daily execution. Because you have competitors watching your back, you need to move fast. And you know so much depends on your experienced decisions and in-time reactions. Ever though about a professional business coach?

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Building the foundations of a winning company culture takes up to two years. Living the new values by every leader in the company and seeing more engaged employees’ behavior requires two to four years. This is also the time, where the impact of your improved workplace culture gets noticed in your balance sheet. Whatever your culture is right now, it doesn’t need to change. But culture can always evolve. To support the evolution of your company, including your R.O.I., you need leadership programs and cultural assessments that can measure the progress. Culture can be measured and easily communicated via values.


A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

∼ John C. Maxwell ∼


Vladimíra Neuschlová is a management leadership consultant and certified coach with 15 years of professional experience. She supports leaders from different industries by helping them to strengthen their leadership skills and implement cultural changes in companies.  Results of this cooperation are often defined as transformative and contribute to higher employees’ engagement, fewer conflicts in the workplace and higher customer satisfaction rate.
Vladimíra can gain trust and build relationships in a very fast and authentic manner. Her charismatic and leadership presence enables her to unite people behind a common vision and make that vision a reality.
Before founding her own consulting business in 2016, she worked in Accenture, Lekkerland, and Henkel in various locations throughout Europe. She spent the final years of her corporate career as Global Supply Chain Manager, leading 160 supply chain professionals across four continents. Since 2018 she works also as a certified Barrett Values Centre consultant, using the wide offer of Cultural Transformation Tools. Vladimíra is an energetic person, passionate about leadership theories and business psychology. She loves traveling and nature. 

Daring leaders who live into their values are never silent about the hard things.

∼ Brené Brown


Values are the very centre of what you do. If you do not identify and act on your values, you can easily fail. Living into your values means more than articulating them. It means you practice them in all areas of your life. Personal and professional. Identifying your values, but not putting them into action, is like losing a huge part of your potential. Your missed opportunity to upgrade your life. Living more often in your zone of genius at work. Show up at your best in front of people you most care about.

There are several proven ways of helping leaders to bring values to work and to build a strong company culture. Barrett Values Centre with over 20 years of experience is the one I have decided to work with. It provides a measurable framework and a clear path on how to achieve the next level of personal or company’s evolution. 

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.  

∼ Peter Drucker


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